Baby's Breath: This is the most amazing, concocted teriyaki blends and ingredients in the world, and I must emphasize, multiple teriyakis, that provide a healthy alternative to junk food. When you taste this jerky, you can rest assure it will give most table setting meals a run for their money. It is high in protein, and tender which is appealing to all. Its flavor is quite unique, as the glands in the mouth will surely salivate, while the cheeks find a way to continue to store its flavor. Baby Breaths mild flavor has been known to cause many to eat a bag in one setting. Guilt should not be factor, as this is the sole reasoning for its creation. Whether you are a hiker, biker, camper, on an airplane, sitting behind a desk, driving, etc., you will surely be will be pleased.

Dragon's Breath: This teriyaki blend you are about embark on, are unlike any other. Its blends of perfectly orchestrated hot spices and teriyaki are the reasoning for Dragon's Breath name. It is guaranteed that this jerky strikes the perfect balance, almost like a science project, as the heat will reach its peak in approximately 17 seconds, while letting the other ingredients do their work by providing savory flavors to counter the spice. It is hot, but not too hot, for you not to be able to enjoy something thereafter. Your tongue should not be numb, and you will not have to worry about scouring the neighborhood looking for a fire hydrant.